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Stopping the 130-foot CellTower

View of Cell Tower Site from Pelham Library

Corner of Colonial Ave & Wolfs Lane

The New York State Department of Transportation has delegated to Crown Castle International Corporation, the management of the DOT's communication facilities.  Crown proposed construction of a 130-foot cell tower in Pelham on Wolfs Lane at the corner of Colonial Avenue.  The Pelham Preservation Society joined the mayors of both villages and other Pelham organizations in opposing this proposal.  The land on which the cell tower would be built has long been regarded as park land that serves as a green buffer between the Hutchinson River Parkway and Pelham Memorial High School and Ingall's Playing Field, as well as the library and homes in the viciinity.  Pelham Preservation Society supports keeping this area as green space.

Read the DOT letter proposing cell tower

Read the Pelham Preservation Society Letter to the DOT

- the DOT proposal would have installed a 130-foot tower at the gateway to Pelham from the Hutchinson Parkway;
- mature trees at this corner would have been clear cut to make way for a chain-link fenced area, enclosing not just a tower, but ground level equipment and an access driveway;
- this structure and equipment would have been directly across from one of Pelham's most heavily-utilized playing fields and directly across from Pelham Memorial High School and Middle School;
- the Pelham Library's children's reading room would have looked directly across Colonial Avenue at this new structure.