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PMHS Green Space

The Pelham Preservation Society raised awareness of the Pelham School District's renovation of the Pelham Memorial High School parking lot on Corlies Avenue. Thanks to School Superintendent Peter Giarrizzo, School Board President Lisa Kiernan and other school board members, we worked together with the school district to add a substantial section of greenspace and planting of new shade trees. Pelham Preservation Society provided financial support, in part from funds that had been specifically raised and restricted to improvements at PMHS. Below are the plans developed by the organization, which were used by the school district in adopting a final plan (also shown below) that substantially incorporated Pelham Preservation Society's recommendations: 

Plan Proposed by Pelham Preservation Society

Final Plan Adopted by School District

After the creation of the planting bed, Pelham Preservation then worked with the school district to plant "Valley Forge" American elm trees.